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Smoke Smooth is proud to be one of the leading providers of ecigarettes and the highest quality, USA Made E-Liquid. Our high performance atomizers produce huge amounts of vapor and have very low resistance with each puff. This combination simulates the taste and feel of a regular cigarette as close as possible. Some say even better!

With the design of our direct drip atomizers there is no need to purchase cartridges ever again! While you can still use cartridges with our e-cigarettes, all you need to do is simply put 2-3 drops of our custom made e-liquid into the atomizer and puff on the equivalent of a regular cigarette. One 10 ml bottle of our e-liquid is equivalent to 140 cigarettes (7 packs).

We have two different starter kits for you to choose from. First up is our "280 Automatic" kit, which costs just $24.99! This features an automatic pen-style battery, which simulates the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. It's completely rechargable, and typically lasts about the equivalent of half-a-pack of cigarettes on one charge. For many people who prefer the automatic kit, we recommend purchasing an additional battery for just $9.99 to use when the other is charging. The next starter kit is our "1100 Kit". It features an 1100mah battery which will easily last a full day for a pack-a-day smoker on a single charge. 

For most smokers the savings will pay for your entire kit and liquid in less then one week!


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